Jun 10, 2011

Pancakes, Pancakes! with Chef Gavin

I mentioned in a previous post how much we love Eric Carle's books, and I was happy to find Pancakes, Pancakes!  for 99 cents at Goodwill last week. Both kids love the story, and insist that it be read every day...sometimes several times a day. Gavin especially loves the book and begged to make the pancakes EXACTLY like Jack does and by himself for breakfast! And so he did! The only thing I did was supervise, and light the stove - that's it! Gavin did everything else! 

Now just as Gavin requested, he wanted the exact ingredients that Jack had: a cup of flour, a cup of milk, and one egg. Gavin said to me "But Mama, we have to bring the grain to the miller!" LOL I told him we don't need to, we have flour! :)



Crackin' the egg

 Mixin' it all up!

 Butter for the pan

 Batter in the pan

 Flippin' his pancakes :)

 In the story, Jack tops his pancakes with strawberry jam. Instead, we used blueberry jam that Gavin's Meme gave to us and a little honey :)

What a great chef! He was so excited! He even set the table for all of us to enjoy :)

He could not stop smiling! Haley kept on saying "Yummm, brother!" 
Best pancakes this Mama has ever had! :) :)