Jul 22, 2011

Staying cool with no A/C

This heat can be pure torture, especially for those of us who don't have A/C. Along with keeping the fans going and the house dark, here are some ways we're trying our best to keep cool indoors. Some of these you may already know of, some we have come with at the top of our head:

1. Ice cold wash cloths around our neck and shoulders. I've been dunking wash cloths in ice water, wringing them out, and placing them on hubby and the kids.

2. Letting the kids play with a bowl of ice. Haley, our almost 3 year old, found this really entertaining and came up with this on her own. It kept her cool, and a good learning opportunity watching ice go from solid to liquid.

3. Homemade popsicles and fudgesicles. We just made an easy recipe for fudgesicles using a package of chocolate pudding, milk and evaporated milk. Also, place any left over mix in ice cube trays!

4. Drinking lots of water. I always make sure the kids have a full cup of water at all times in this heat. Sometimes I'll have to remind them to drink it if they get playing and distracted.

5. Homemade cream soda. This is a favorite of mine and my husband's - soooo refreshing!!

6. Freeze (dry) sheets and pillowcases, and children's bedding if there's enough room in the freezer. I placed what we could in plastic bags and then shoved them in the freezer where there was room.  Sounds weird, but we'll be sleeping sound in a cool bed tonight!

7. Cool meals. The last thing I want to do is turn on the oven or the stove. Lots of fresh veggies, salads, smoothies, yogurt, fresh and frozen fruit, etc. For dinner tonight we're having tuna salad wraps with lettuce, tomato and side of balsamic green beans (raw).