Aug 12, 2011

Creation Walk - Apples, Clover & Clouds

I love going on creation walks with Gavin and Haley, and they especially love them because they find all sorts of "treasures"! They usually take along baskets, yogurt containers or ziplock baggies to place their most special findings in :) We are blessed to be on a secluded road, with lots of plant life and a couple trails too. The kids love taking out all their treasures when we get home, sort them, count them, draw pictures of them in their journals - anything their little imaginations come up with!

 Our neighbors apple trees - 
this makes me so excited for autumn, 
my absolute favorite season! 
Mmm I can smell the cider already :)

Haley loves clouds! She kept pointing up at this big puffy one

crab apples, a necessary treasure at first glance

Haley Jae's treasures - crab apples and clover

 Gavin's treasures - mostly rocks :)

 Gavin spotted this poor, flat froggy. He said he is pretty sure
"the neighbor with the big white truck did this."

 Gavin's treasures scattered on the table, imagination-ready

Haley loves to draw after our walks



  1. what a great day for a walk, the weather is just beautiful! I miss living on a dirt road, we really dont have anywhere to walk now, but praise God, he's blessed us with other great things! Our God is so great! Love all your posts! :)

  2. The pictures are soooo sweet! I LOVE fall too! My favorite things are wearing sweaters again, crisp air, cinnamon and apple scent in my kitchen :)

  3. What a great way to go on walks and point them to God's creation! I think I'll have my kids do this on our next walk. They will be thrilled!