Nov 30, 2011

Kindness vs. Love

 How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God!
And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings. Psalm 36:7

Good morning, friend :) Here is a cup of sweetness for you today from God's Little Devotional Book for Women. May it encourage you this morning and throughout your day: 

Kindness provides a house, but love makes a home.

Kindness packs an adequate lunch, but love puts a note of encouragement in it.

Kindness provides a television set or computer as a learning aid, but love controls the remote control and cares enough to insist that a child "sign off".

Kindness sends a child to bed on time, but love tucks the covers around a child's neck and provides a goodnight hug and kiss.

Kindness cooks a meal, but love selects the "your favorite foods" menu and lights the candles.

Kindness writes a thank-you note, but love thinks to include a joke or photograph or bookmark inside the envelope.

Kindness keeps a clean and tidy house, but love adds a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Kindness pours a glass of milk, but love occasionally adds a little chocolate syrup.

Kindness reads a bedtime story, but love uses all the funny voices.

Kindness is doing what is decent, basic, courteous, and necessary for an even, smooth, and gentle flow of life.

Love is taking the extra step to make life truly exciting, creative, and meaningful! Love is what makes things special.

A little something extra from our home to inspire you:

Kindness: In uncontainable excitement your child wants to show you something he has made (be it a block house, a village with all of his train tracks, etc.) You look up from whatever it is that you are doing to acknowledge his creativity.
Love: You step away from what had been occupying you, grab your camera, and insist that this is something that is so great that you must take a picture of it. Or, if it is a drawing or painting, frame it and place it somewhere for everyone to see :)

What are some ways that you do or can do to turn acts of kindness into waves of love?

A teacher asked her pupils to tell the
meaning of loving-kindness. A little boy
jumped up and said, "Well, if I was
hungry and someone gave me a piece of
bread that would be kindness. But if they
put a little jelly on it, that would be