Feb 19, 2012

Idle Idols and a Seamstress Surprise

Idle Idols. Those temptations in life that steal our heart and mind away from real joy. They rob our time, and in a small corner within our soul we know their chronic destruction, but the rest of the room screams denial. Some of them have been there for as long as we can remember, while others join us for a season. I surely don't want it to lead to this:

"They would not listen, however, but persisted in their former practices. Even while these people were worshiping the LORD, they were serving their idols. To this day their children and grandchildren continue to do as their ancestors did." - 2 Kings 17:40-41

I'll lay it all out on the table here. This season, my Idle Idols are: 

I love to blog, but when I find that it starts to become time-filling rather than spirit-renewing, then I need to step back. I've actually been writing in my journal about my vision for blogging. 

As the writer, I've been praying that I'll only pen posts that are going to encourage my readers in their calling at home; posts, whether spiritual or practical, will ultimately serve one purpose alone and that is to point us toward Christ. No matter how domestic, play dough-y, chicken casserole-y my posts are, I'm here to share how much I love being home; how much I love my ministry, which is my home. And to encourage you to love your home too.

As the reader, I have to really think about what I'm on here to read. Right now, I'm here to seek out the Titus 2 women. I don't have many of them in my life, and my soul is thirsty for their wisdom. What I really want is a hug from one, who can remind me over and over to savor and enjoy motherhood. Who can remind me to lighten my step, smile, rock my babes, kiss my husband, and lean on the Lord more. 

   Writing an E-book
Okay, so this is where the Seamstress Surprise comes in. I have been praying fervently about this and have decided on strong convictions to forgo selling an E-book right now, and providing Mama Don't Sew as a series (no charge) for anyone who wants to sew. Maybe the Lord will turn this series into an E-book if He sees fit, but I just have this overwhelming feeling of joy to offer it as a series for now. In my personal walk with the Lord, He has been placing generosity on my heart, and joyful giving. I am very passionate about sewing, and it would bless me if I could share this gift with you.

I never had anyone teach me to sew; I am a self-taught seamstress. I know there are many women who would love to learn this lost art, but for whatever reason, be it time, sew-anxiety (as I call it), don't. Learning to sew doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. It is actually very simple, but it must start with the basics. Also, it is fun! Once you get a hang of it, you will love it! And if you have a daughter, you get to pass on this art :)

I'm happy to be a part of that with you, sharing with you step-by-step basics for the beginners, and helping you to overcome any sewing obstacles. Starting next week I will begin the Mama Don't Sew Series, so please stop by if you can, invite along a friend and we'll get started on sewing! 

I hope you can be encouraged to pray about any idols that are keeping you from true joy or distracting your calling at home. What are some ways that you can take these as they are (time-filling) and turn them into something joyfully, liberating (spirit-renewing)? How can you do this for yourself and for others?
Idolatry is having any false god - any object, idea, philosophy, habit, occupation, sport, or whatever that has one's primary concern and loyalty or that to any degree decreases one's trust in and loyalty to the Lord.                                                                                                           - John MacArthur