Apr 4, 2012

Before you beat yourself up

You and I have probably never met in person. You only know me through my writing. You know that I love to sew, that I have two children and that I love Jesus.

What you didn't know (until now)... 

...that I didn't shower until lunch time today. tmi?

...I *gasp* left a very large pile of dirty dishes in the sink last night. Not to mention the dishes scattered all over the counter coated with a (film? mass? concrete?) of pasta sauce.

...my carpet looks like I own an animal that is not housebroken (I don't own any animals), but I have two kids who keep forgetting to take of their mud boots off when they run into the house determined to show me a handful of worms they dug up. Gag.

...I haven't read to my children today. I haven't touched any homeschooling material today. I am actually not on a routine or schedule as far as homeschooling goes right now.

...I am not beating myself up for any of the above. None.

What I do know and you should know too

...I am not a perfect homemaker, hence my catch phrase under the title of my blog. It is in the making. It will always be in the making until I am in heaven.

...my kids are in training. I have a 3 and 5 year old who love to play and love to help me out around the house. Sometimes. Mostly just chasing each other with a vacuum...BUT I really do use everyday moments to train my kids in housekeeping. This will pay off.

...dinner is in the works almost every night before my husband comes home regardless of how I look or how many crushed cheerios are on the kitchen floor. I try my best to greet him with a smile (though this is not always the case), but we do enjoy this time when we're all together at once. Tonight, however, I'm going to beg ask if he can pick up a pizza on the way home. See? No need for perfection all the time.

...we are a family. We are a family. We are a family who loves each other and we are in this together- from cookie crumbs to catastrophe. We pray together, cry together, laugh together, shout with and at each other. We are family. We are a rarity this day in age. I hesitated to type that, but it is the truth.

So before you beat yourself up....

Remember there is no need for perfection.

I bet half of the women you enjoy reading about are just like you and me.

God is working in our hearts this very moment. He is working on the things that we constantly beat ourselves up over.

Let Him work. You just pray.

Give Him the victory and bury His word in your heart. However it needs to happen, let it happen! I'll tell you my time with the Lord is not always the same time everyday. One day I found myself clutching my Bible after going wild mad on my kids, which happens more often than I'd like to admit. It was one of those days - early 10AM nap time for you kids! But I cried over my Bible, prayed, and fell asleep. Woke up renewed!

Also, know that you're a work in progress. Embrace the change that God is making in you. The little and the big. Praise Him for the work He is doing and the work He has done.

Now hang up the gloves.

"Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

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