Jan 18, 2011

Snowy Day Activities

"Try and create a WARM HOT CHOCOLATE learning environment... rather than a COLD, BITTER LEMONADE one."

Okay, so today wasn't just a snowy day - we were getting pummeled with snow, sleet and freezing rain. We were not in a rush to go outside, but I also am not a fan of the television being on all day long. Its easy to want to turn it on and lounge all day, but even the kids get bored doing that. So I make sure I have activities ready for days like today. We don't have a whole lot of structure to our "homeschooling" yet, I'm still adding some things to Gavin's curriculum which I'll post within the next month or so. I plan to really get started in April/May, he's totally eager to learn and wants more, more, more! Anywho, here are some of the things we did do today:

We made pop-corn on the stove-top

Haley was a little camera shy :)

And read some books together

We love Max Lucado! I can't wait to get more of his books. The kids want me to read One Hands, Two Hands over and over.

I Love You More Than Rainbows is another favorite of ours. The kids got this as a Christmas gift from their great aunt.

We did puzzles

We have several of the Melisssa and Doug wooden puzzles we've been collecting since last year. The kids never get bored with them!

We did lots of coloring, painting, drawing with chalk or dry erase markers

We practiced tracing our letters, Biblical names, etc.

We Dramatized

I was doing some work for school and overheard Gavin and Haley playing "Noah's Ark." The box once held my textbooks :) Reinacting Noah's Ark seems to be Gavin's  favorite Bible Story so far. He could tell you the entire story. He was running around the house gathering stuffed animals and shouting "God is amazing! Look at that rainbow!"

God is SO good! I love how He leads our day, and I love that my children are learning who He is!

- Jenn