Apr 21, 2011

Days 2 & 3 with the Letter H

Helping the Earth Week 
Planting Seeds

The kids had lots of fun planting seeds yesterday!

We had originally planned to be outdoors, but we were having quite the thunder and lightning show yesterday. This kept the kids busy and they loved getting their hands dirty :)

Little Hands that Serve

Gavin wrote his friend, Hunter, a card to say hello! This was another great opportunity to practice his handwriting :)

H is for Haitian Cuisine!

Food is a delicious and fun way to learn about different cultures. I looked up a few authentic Haitian recipes to try. Haley was my helper last night in the kitchen :)

Haitian cuisine is very delicious and flavorful, and is a combination of African, French and Spanish influence. Here are the island-inspired dishes we made:

Haitian Potato Salad
Main ingredients: potatos, carrots, sweet peas, sweet onion, red pepper, beets

Haitian Chicken in Sauce
Shredded chicken in a bold tomato sauce with garlic, onion, lemon and spices. 

Corn Fritters
Gavin loved these! Sweet and crunchy, made with fresh sweet corn, flour and eggs.

Haitian Cake
This recipe called for the milk to be boiled with cinnamon sticks, this was wonderful! Sweet, moist and a delicious dessert.

Haley helping me make the cake :)

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  1. Looks like soooo much fun! I would LOVE to try all that food! Mmm Mmm!
    You're so creative! I bet when the kiddos get older you would LOVE "Galloping the Globe" we do it for History, Science, and more. We do a lot of unit studies with each country and part of each study is recipes and making different foods. And sooo much more.
    Well, thanks for sharing, looks like lots of fun!