Apr 20, 2011

World Vision

I'm loving that we have added Kids Praying for Kids to our day. As the kids continue to pray for kids in Haiti, Gavin had lots of questions. As we prayed that God would bless these children with an abundance of food, Gavin asked why they were so hungry. This was the perfect opportunity to discuss a little more about the country. 

In terms that a 4-year old can grasp and understand, I explained the living conditions of children living in Haiti, the devastation created by the earthquake, and the importance of prayer. I let the conversation go the direction Gavin took it, and he asked to see what the kids looked like. I had him sit on my lap at the computer as we browsed pictures of children in Haiti. I could tell by his eyes that he had an understanding, even if just a light brush of his heart, that these children certainly have a lot less than he does. 

Gavin said to me "Mama, how can I send them food? Can I send them apples and oranges? Maybe three cups of milk?" I told him how sweet his heart is to think of them like that, and if he would like me and Daddy to help give them a gift. He smiled and said yes, and how we can help.

A friend from church had given me a brochure on World Vision, a trusted global Christian Humanitarian organization. Their work is driven by their faith in Christ, serving alongside the poor, oppressed, victims of natural disasters, and devastated communities to demonstrate God's unconditional love.

Gavin's heart seemed to be moved by the hunger the children experience, and so through World Vision, Gavin donated a gift to provide children in Haiti with food and agricultural support for their families. We prayed that God would take this gift, multiply it, and more importantly that these children's hearts would be open to the love and blessings of our Heavenly Father.