Apr 22, 2011

Play Kitchen

It has been about two years that my husband and I have been talking about building a play kitchen for the kids. That's right, we came up with this creative idea right after Haley was born. We thought it would make a great Christmas gift for the both of them. The idea was to take an old entertainment center and turn it into a play kitchen, kind of like this one

Well, its taking a while. Such a long while that we haven't even begun planning. But that's A-OKAY, because it looks like the kids had a lot of fun with this FREE one! Designed by Gavin, with just a little help from mom on the cutting part :) Instead of taking a week or two to construct, this one took about five minutes. 

Mmmm just look at that pizza!

Even our neighbor's nosey cat could smell it!

Haley whipping up a meal. Such a happy little homemaker :)

Checking on her food lol!

We later decided to bring our oven outside to bake some rocks. 
Can you tell who's idea this was?

And finally we took our oven on a wagon ride