Apr 24, 2011

H is for Holy Week

What a fun week we had with the Letter H. It has also been a time of reflection for mom, reading from the Gospels and being reminded of the love, sacrifice, and resurrection of our Savior! It was so nice to be able to share this with our kids, even at such a young age, they were curious about the works of such an awesome God we serve! Here is a look at some of the fun learning we love to share.

H is for Holy Thursday

We read John 13:1-15 from our Jesus Storybook Bible. I am loving this book every time we read aloud together; it just shouts out the love of our Savior to children in such a special way. We read about Jesus washing His disciple's feet.

Gavin and Haley washed each others feet :) 

They loved this! Can you believe they so enjoyed washing each other's feet? Such a fun way to learn how to serve! 

They also loved when mom poured in some watermelon bath salt into the basin :)

Good Friday

We read about the crucifixion from our Jesus Storybook Bible and talked about the meaning of Good Friday. It was so sweet, Gavin asked Haley "Haley, did you know that Jesus died so we can go to heaven?" It was just one of those moments as praying mother that I witnessed my 4 year-old beginning to understand who our Savior is! I was so excited, so moved by his question. Even if he doesn't fully comprehend, it was just soooooo sweet to hear these words from him!!!

They each made a cross from cinnamon sticks and ribbon

To finish off our week with the Letter H the kids helped me make Hot Cross Buns for our friend Heidi, who also celebrated her birthday this past week! Hot Cross Buns have been a long Good Friday tradition, often eaten as breakfast or part of a Good Friday brunch. 

Another fun way to practice handwriting :)

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity." - 1 Timothy 4:!2