May 17, 2011

New Yummy Recipes

Yesterday the rain made me want to nap. Today it made me want to bake. I tried two new recipes today and both came out delicious! (The recipes are linked to the titles)

 Adam loves the cinnamon swirl bread from the store but it is just so expensive! And the slices are really small, not to mention the number of mystery ingredients. I'm surprising him with three hearty-sized homemade loaves. I'm thinking of slicing some thick tonight and having some breakfast for dinner - cinnamon swirl french toast! Yumm!

We love nut/seed milks in this house. I just realized I hadn't made my own in a long time. So far I've made almond milk and cashew milk. I've tried pumpkin seed milk, but never made it on my own. I tried the first recipe I looked up and it turned out great! I plan to use it as a smoothie base instead of my usual almond milk :)

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  1. Hey! So I keep meaing to comment and say hey, but I feel like I have been soooo busy, not to mention when I AM online I have been working on my lengthy birthday post for Jada, and then updating my own blog and taking forever doing so. So anyway, I didn't even know one could make such milks...haha, and the bread looks awesome! We have made that kind and it looked just like that and is soooo DELICIOUS!!!!!
    Well, have a blessed day in the Lord and a wonderful time teaching the kiddos!
    Talk to you soon!