May 20, 2011

Paper Clay

We found this book for less than 30 cents at Salvation Army - The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions. It is filled with all sorts of fun experiments and recipes for clays, paints, bubbles, and lots more using very inexpensive and household items.

Yesterday the kids made Paper Clay

First we tore up scraps of construction paper. Gavin wanted blue of course :)

 Then we put the scraps in a blender with some water

We mixed a little water with flour and then added the paper/water mixture to it
At first it was really sticky so we added just a little more flour

The kids decided they wanted to mold the clay with some Easter eggs

 We made this clay yesterday and it was the first thing they wanted to play with this morning! They have been bouncing the clay-filled eggs off the floor, rolling their clay into different size balls, throwing the clay balls up in the air, and pretending there are animals inside the eggs lol :) I love their little imaginations!