Aug 11, 2011

Kids Creation Story Journals

Creation journals, or nature journals as most refer to them, are a fun and creative way for kids to share what they learn and know about God's wonderful creation! There are so many great learning opportunities for kids when it comes to creation journaling including:


Until my kids are able to write on their own, they draw/paint/paste pictures and then I write their story down as they say it out loud to me. Now is not the time to be obsessive compulsive. I write down word-for-word what they tell me, and I do not critique them. I love my kids imaginations, their genuine hearts, and their eagerness to share that with me! It'll also be great to see their progression in writing as we go along. So, as silly as some of their stories may sound, and sometimes unrelated to what we have learned, it will be a memorable keepsake that will be cherished!

We started our journals at a great time. I have been reading my daily Bible, along with torah portions starting from Genesis. The kids lessons are parallel to what I am reading, except we use their Jesus Storybook Bible which they love!

Haley's Creation Story Journal, age 2

We have noticed our 2 year old daughter has a fascination with sharing stories about monkeys in a water-related setting. The above picture-story she drew yesterday. Below is one she drew in July:

Skunks, bugs, ears, spaceships, kites, airplanes :) Oh, to be 2 again. But doesn't that skunk look like a skunk? Pretty cool I think!

Gavin's Creation Story Journal, age 4

Yesterday we read about ants in our Christian Liberty Nature Reader

Gavin's ant drawing in his journal. He also had an opportunity to practice handwriting "ant" :)

Both Gavin and Haley seem to really enjoy their journals! I noticed a few differences between the two of them when they journal. For example, Haley uses a wide range of colors when she draws/paints, while Gavin usually sticks to one color per page. Haley's stories she expresses in a rather serious and direct tone, while Gavin is extremely dramatic. This makes me smile :)

"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." - Genesis 1:31a

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