Oct 10, 2011

Daddy's helper

What a Monday! Our weekend concluded with both kids shoving beads all the way up into their nasal cavity. THANK the LORD we didn't have to go to the ER. Adam managed to carefully dig the beads out with a bobby pin. I knew some day the kids would shove small objects up their noses, I just didn't expect them both to at the same time. Monkey see, monkey do! 

The kids woke up extremely early this morning --- 1:00 am. Gavin was hollering for me, and I woke right up, ran to his room. I think he may have had a bad dream, but he did not want to go back to sleep. And to be expected, his hollering woke up Haley. She was wide awake too. And they both asked for muffins and milk.

Now I am hoping what happened this afternoon was the grand finale -- Gavin stung by a bee - his first sting EVER! NOT a happy camper! I will admit, I had a lot to do with it. Gavin had just trapped a bug with his butterfly net and put it into a glass jar. 

Then I spotted this bee swarming around him, so I grabbed the net and trapped it. Then I stomped on the thing as hard as I could with my shoe. Gavin loves dead bugs. This one just hadn't said its goodbyes quite yet. So he picked it up to put in his jar along with the other bug, and was holding it with his little fingers, observing the thing - and STING - right on his thumb. 

He just had this horrified look on his face, then went to panic, and then the wails. I felt so bad, but relieved that he's not allergic. I know, this sounds awful of me (horrible mother, you can say it) but I couldn't help smirking because he was just so cute. The things that just rolled out of his mouth, one after the other, like he was completely let down by this bee. 

Not all excruciatingly painful news here.  We did have a great weekend, and Gavin was glued to Daddy, helping him with all sorts of things!

Helping Daddy and Uncle Justin install Grammy's floors 

Daddy showing Gavin how to change the oil in his truck :)

Meanwhile Haley had her very own personal photoshoot, she didn't know it though. I captured a lot of cute shots of her (I am by NO means a photo genius, I am just learning the settings of my camera I've had for almost 2 years now) But I love to have fun with it :) 

Splashing in the rain barrel

Picking flowers

Peek a boo :)

Here is my favorite picture from today of Daddy & Haley- made my heart melt!