Oct 7, 2011

Happy Friday

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! 

Friday is my day that I venture out of the house for the entire morning and early afternoon to run errands and grocery shop. I like designating a single day to get things I need for the home and for the following week. 

One Friday every month we go to Reny's. The kids love this place because they always get a balloon :) Today we found these adorable rakes for the kids! They were only $4 - and they love them! As do Mama and Daddy :)

I am so looking forward to dinner tonight! I'm making us Asian Chicken Wraps

Speaking of cooking, here is another great book by Barbara Swell, the author I mentioned in my last post.

I ordered both books from Ebay and got them for a great deal. I am looking to get more of her books - they're so insightful and funny!

By my nightstand right now is The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. I was led to this book at the absolute perfect time. It is really speaking to my heart. 

"As I look to the hearts of my own children and seek to teach them about the grace of God, I realize my love and service to them must come before any of my great words, my teaching and training. My time, attention, my 'soft-tickling' - even when I am tired or have other 'important' things on my mind - is what builds our relationship and prepares them to listen to what I have to say. Only then, once the wells of their need are filled with the grace of being loved, will my words to them about God's grace finally make sense."
- Sally Clarkson
This book has made me think of the things both my husband and I do as parents that really bring joy to our children; the small gestures of self sacrifice and together-time. Here are things that we love to do with our own children, the memorable-moments:
  • Dancing with them. Even Daddy joins in. We love to stream music from the computer and parade around the living room. This is one of my most favorite parts of the evening :)
  • Shadow puppets. We started doing these when the power went out a couple months ago. Now its a regular thing, power or not :)
  • Walks in the woods. My kids always lead us during these walks. I love to see what they find and what their imaginations come up with.
  •  Make up stories together :) We do this a lot at bed time. I love when we "take turns" adding onto the story
  • Wrestling and tickle attacks :) 
  • Hide & seek. I laugh out loud just picturing my daughter's face when we jump out of our hiding places 
There are so many of these moments - I am so blessed that God designed my children for me, and me for my children. 


  1. I was poking around here, I think I saw you on raising homemakers? Anyhow my applesauce from your recipe just got done and it is SOOOO good my poor children are having the worst time waiting for it to cool! Trying the peach krinkle next. Have a blessed day.

  2. Hi Beth! Thank you for your encouraging comment :) I hope you all enjoyed the applesauce recipe! I can't wait to make more!!! Love this season :) God bless!