Oct 6, 2011

The Lost Art of Pie Making

I cannot say it enough, I love homemaking. 

I praise the Lord that I am joyfully at home, 
absent from the corporate ladder.

...that my reward is eternal.
And I am given a glimpse of this reward with every plate I serve my family.

I love my field of work.

 I have a list too, of things I'd like to learn, skills I'd like to acquire. 

Plant and harvest a vegetable garden
Make homemade laundry soap
Design a home with Adam, complete with a root cellar :)
Make over furniture
Bake a pie
etc, etc.

Moving along the point of this post. I love that my calling turns what seems like the mundane task of pie-making into a conduit of glorifying God. I love that every aspect of homemaking can bring glory and honor to His precious name.
"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."1 Corinthians 10:31
So, Lord, I want to bake a pie worthy of satisfied "mmmm's" and second helpings. 
 I love to bake - cookies, breads, pastries, muffins...I have been fearful of pie. Especially the crust. I cringe when I think of having to give in to the refrigerated pie crusts. 

"Why pie?" you ask.
“Pie is sitting on the front porch glider having a lively conversation with family and friends, even though it’s hot outside and there are few mosquitoes to swat. It’s kids playing in the woods, crisp cotton sheets drying on the clothesline, crickets humming in the backyard, and time enough to play croquet. Pie is home.” - Barbara Swell

How I would love to have sat with my great grandmother to pry her pie making secrets out of her. Maybe my gram would share with me (she does have the original recipe to Great Gram's Christmas plum pudding...) 

For now, I found a wonderful book full of old-fashioned goodness, no-fail recipes & tips dating back to the late 1800s, along with great humor :)  This book really gets me excited about pie :)

My husband loves pie. Even he doesn't know why he loves pie. But the author of this witty book reveals a very likely possibility for this conspiracy: 

  • When men eat pie, they think somebody is taking care of them
  • Pie is home, no matter where you are. Men love home.
  • Men want their bellies to be full, and pie is filling.
  • Pie has intrigue. Pie is adventure, mysterious, romance, and love. 
  • Pie is simple, good food, and - well, men are simple too!

So I'm on a homemaking mission. I know I can do this. After months of my poor sewing machine collecting dust, I conquered my fear of sewing. Now, it's on to pie making. 

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  1. What a cute post, Jenn!! I have feared it forever too! But as you may have read I just made my FIRST one last week...It was easy and delicious and I was embarassed that it had taken me this long to try it :)
    You will do great! Pictures please :)
    That looks like a neat book, I might have to try and find one.
    Well, happy pie making~