Nov 10, 2011

Ss sound week

The past week and a half or so (I think, I lose track of time easily) we have been working on our Ss sound for phonics. We usually spend a week on each sound, but this phonics sound has lasted almost 2 weeks (gotta love the flexibility of a home education!)

I've mentioned Adventures in Phonics in a few other posts, but that's because we REALLY enjoy this phonics program. It is simple, organized, and Gavin is really enjoying it. Even Haley has picked up on the lessons and she has fun! This week we have added Ss to the beginning of our short vowels (i.e. su like like sock, etc)

Gavin's handwriting notebook

 Phonics matching cards Gavin & I made together

 Last week we had our friend Skylar over and she joined us for one of our Ss projects! 
Skylar gluing seeds to Ss worksheet

One morning last week I made spelt pancakes for the kids - these were a HUGE hit, especially with Smuckers!

The end of our Ss week we learned about squirrels!
This was fun - I didn't realize all of the purposes a squirrel uses its tail for. Amazing what you can learn alongside your kids!

We also counted acorns and did this squirrel paper craft :)

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  1. Looks like so much FUN! When I was scrolling down and saw a little blond head pop up it shocked me...for a second I wondered if you were watching a/some kids...but then I read on. I once prayed about taking a couple of pre-school aged children for a little extra income, but the Lord never really moved us in that direction...Thanks Him and Praise Him for HIS direction :)
    Glad you are having a fun week. Jokers looked like a lot of fun!!
    Looks like everyone is happy and healthy and havin' fun!