Dec 13, 2011

My Sweet Little Lucy Grace

My Sweet Little Lucy Grace
By me, Jenn Ellis

My sweet Lucy Grace
How I dream of your face
Dancing and twirling
In a beautiful place
Where there's no hurts or sorrows
Not even tomorrows
My sweet little Lucy Grace

I dream of you wishing my day of Salvation
Hoping I'd glance in your eternal direction
To see you sitting in the lap of Jesus
Tugging at Him to pick up the pieces
Of my heart I left in that dark, lonely place
When I walked away from your small precious face
My sweet little Lucy Grace

Well, Lucy you'd be proud of your Mama right now
I gave up some things that were weighing me down
I ran to the cross
I didn't think of the cost
There was no looking back to see what I'd lost
Lucy, I'm free!
Would you recognize me?
I know I'll recognize you
When this life is through
Holding the hand of the One who holds you
Lucy, He held me too.
Lucy, I know Him too.
Lucy, your wish came true.
One day I'll be with you.

My sweet Lucy Grace
How I dream of your face
Dancing with me, in a forever embrace
 Laughing and twirling, mile upon mile
Lucy, for now, I will dream of your smile
My sweet little Lucy Grace

Thank you for the sweet, encouraging words and the open arms from those who read my story about Lucy. I am eternally grateful for your love and grace. It is freeing, but very difficult, to share my heart that way. But I know the Lord will use this for His glory. He has blessed my life beyond measure and has revealed His forgiveness in so many ways. This coming January, the 12th, my angel daughter will be celebrating her birthday in her forever home. Three days later, our daughter Haley will be celebrating her 3rd. There is joy and laughter all around me now. 

 Do not be afraid, for I am with you;
   I will bring your children from the east
   and gather you from the west. 
- Isaiah 43:5