Mar 5, 2012

Home in the making

First, let me apologize for my posts appearing later in the day...or spread out. It's an exciting time for our family as we enter spring.

Part of the reason why my mornings have been so busy (on top of the business that already exists) is that I've been contacting realtors, researching property, etc. We are hoping, praying to be purchasing land soon to build our first house.

As exciting as this is for us, I trust in God's provisions. I only want what He wants. I do daydream of all the possibilities. Our first home. A place to build memories; to learn and use the land; to grow together in our walk; to fall short together and persevere; to be hospitable; to laugh and pain together; to love; to live.

Oh, and praise God for Pinterest. So many wonderful ideas for the home here. It makes planning fun.
I will chronicle our home building journey as we go along, and let you pitch in on some suggestions. And of course, I'll share lots of photos :) 

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