May 9, 2012

Where to find coupons on organic & eco-friendly items

I am not an extreme couponist, although I am a clipper for sure. When I'm clipping I'm looking for things that my family will actually use and are safe/healthy. In a post last month I shared our family's food budget, and ways we stretch our meals.

I do like having a budget and trying to shop below it. When I created our grocery budget I made sure it was realistic and comfortable for our family. As much as I'd love to pay virtually zero $ for all of our groceries, it probably won't happen. And again, my goal is health, which is not something I'm willing to sacrifice no matter how great of a deal I'm getting.

With that said, when I'm shopping I have my magic number in mind - not to go over $130. Now we all know how expensive organic products can get. BUT if you seek out sites and resources where you can gather the savings, you'll see that you can purchase these items and still remain within budget.

For example, on a recent shopping trip my total came to well over $160. That is $30 over budget. My cart included many (mostly) organic items ranging from Seventh Generation diapers to tubs of Stonyfield Organic yogurt. I also had 3 cartons of milk - Organic cow's milk, soy milk and rice milk which easily adds up to over $3 a piece.

After coupons I watched as $160 dropped to $120. I went from being $30 over budget to being $10 under budget. 

Below is my short and sweet list of where I find the best coupons and savings on organic items:

1. Mambo Sprouts

2. Stonyfield Organic (be sure to sign up to have access to their coupons. Also, make sure you KEEP the LIDS on all your yogurts. Under "Rewards" you want to enter in the codes on the top of the lids to start earning points toward free products. I have gotten several free cartons of milk, organic half & half, organic chocolate syrup and many other products by using this incentive)

3. Ebay  YES I do purchase coupons on organic items off of Ebay and it is SO worth it! Just be sure to check the expiration date in the listing. Recently, I purchased 2 coupons for FREE Seventh Generation diapers. I paid $7 for the coupons and shipping was free. At my grocery store, Seventh Generation diapers start at $10 per package. Both coupons could be used toward wipes, diapers or training pants not to exceed $13. I paid only $7 for TWO coupons worth $26!

Just a few tips on saving on organic:

- A common tip shared by even the most extreme couponists is to combine coupons with sales and markdowns. Some stores will even allow you to double.

- Many grocery stores have their own free monthly magazine. Be sure to grab these for great coupons.

- Keep your eye out for free or reduced subscriptions to popular home, garden and cooking magazines. You'll find coupons and deals here.

- Visit your favorite organic sites often for coupons, sweepstakes and giveaways. Annies currently has a wonderful promotion for a free subscription to Organic Gardening magazine (a $23.94 value) when you mail in 2 UPC codes.

- Stop by my Cork Board often for wonderful resources on savings each month.

Feel free to share in the comments section below how your family saves on organic and eco-friendly items :)

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