Aug 28, 2012

Kitchen Makeover ~ Before & After

If you stopped by last month, you may remember my kitchen looking like this during my re-do:

After a lot sanding, priming, painting and trim work my kitchen now looks like this :)

I have always wanted a white kitchen! To me, it's timeless and fun to accent. My decor will certainly change with the seasons and it will be simple.

A few things I love about my new kitchen...

I'm loving the blue mason jars, the deep sink and the onions hanging from the window my sweet friend India gave to me from her garden.

These guys that stop to visit every now and again right outside the kitchen window while I'm preparing my morning coffee:

The view from my stove...I thought enjoyed cooking before!

Most of all, I've been blessed with a space where I can teach my daugher to cook...

Prepare meals and sweet treats for friends and family...

and enjoy the company and conversation nearby


I'm really happy with the way the kitchen has turned out. Just a few little things here and there to be done like ordering handles for the cabinets and finishing up the window. I'm just glad the major paintng is over :)

Thanks for stopping by and hope you visit again soon!

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