Mar 15, 2011

Johnny Appleseed Day

Last Friday we ended our L-Unit early to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day. Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated twice per year, March 11th and September 26th.

Who is Johnny Appleseed?
John Chapman, known as Johnny Appleseed, was born in Massachusetts in 1774. In his early years he became a nurseryman and began planting apple trees along the western side of New York and Pennsylvania. He is well known for his legendary story of helping the early American settlers plant apple orchards by their homesteads.

What we did to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day
We started the day out with some homemade buttery apple pancakes. The kids loved these! They both went for seconds :)

We read a couple of Johnny Appleseed books that we checked out from the library

We made apple prints with halved apples and paint. They had so much fun with this!

We made baked apples and topped with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon. We made these during the evening so Daddy got to have some too :)

Johnny Appleseed

Old Hannah Goodwin offred thanks
For her trees grown so tall
He said no thanks were owed to him:
The Lord had made them all

To grow a country or a tree
Takes just a planter who
Will seed and tend til in the end
The earth's best dreams come true

He said farewell and traveled on
And did not come again,
But in this orchard, sharp and sweet,
His apples still remain.

~ A poem by Reeve Lindbergh