Feb 28, 2011

Mama's February Book Review

I can't even begin to describe how moving this book was for me. It was like God led me to this book, to learn about this family's journey of heartache and healing. If you're a lover of Christian music, then you likely know Mary Beth Chapman's amazing and talented husband, Stephen Curtis Chapman. In Choosing to SEE, Mary Beth walks us through her life, depicting God's eternal grace even amidst some of life's greatest tragedies.

Her story centrals around the unexpected death of her 5-year old daughter, who accepted Jesus into her heart at the tender age of 4. Mary Beth's honest, sincere voice left me crying as she shared her heartache after her daughter left to be with Jesus. Her story also left me comforted, knowing that God has a purpose for our lives, and that is for us to know and have a relationship with His son, Jesus Christ.

Choosing to SEE also opened my eyes to how short life really is, and humbles me to the only One who holds the number of our days in His hands. Mary Beth's story also touched me deeply as a mom. I want to hold my babies so close, just love them the way Jesus loves us. Yes, I have my down days when I honestly question my position as a mother. I ask myself, "Am I really fit to do this?" Especially the times when my kids have me ready to pull my hair out!

But God has revealed to me several times that I am exactly where He wants me. He revealed this to me after reading Mary Beth's story. God has opened my eyes to be able to see how the baby-creases in my 4 year old son's arms are quickly fading. He shows me that I am exactly where He wants me when I find my own little nugget of a daughter following me everywhere I go, even to pee! I can't even go into the bathroom without her following me. But it won't always be that way. So I'm starting to savour all of these moments with my babies; all of the drooly kisses; the begging for me to sing "Jesus Loves Me" just one more time before bed; the asking of me to help them get dressed for the day because they haven't quite mastered the arm in the sleeve.

If you're a mom, I'm sincerely praying that God will lead you to a story that will move you even closer to Him like Choosing to SEE has done for me. Life is so short and so precious, and we are all in need of a Saviour who can lead us to heaven where we can spend forever together. There is nothing in life that I want more than to know His love and share His love with my own children, and knowing that we can live in God's big, big house for eternity as a family!