Apr 15, 2011

Cheap Preschool Fun

I love creating educational tools out of ordinary, everyday stuff. It makes our learning experiences both fun and affordable. Sometimes I find my kids enjoy playing with the cheap stuff over the things we spend more on! Here are some creative preschool enrichment ideas that barely cost a thing:

Matching colors with paint cards from the home department (free!) 
Each card had 1 inch or so circles that we could just punch out. I removed all of them and the kids matched the circles up with each card :)

Sorting colored paperclips in an egg carton 
After Gavin was done sorting his paperclips, he made a really long chain out of all of them.

Draw shapes on scrap paper and practice cutting with scissors
They could spend hours cutting out their shapes!

1 comment:

  1. Love those ideas! We have done sorting with egg cartons,but I am totally going to grab some paint cards today when I am at Lowes. We have to go buy a new washing machine :( today, so I hope I remember to grab a bunch when I am there!!! Thanks for sharing those great ideas!