Apr 18, 2011

Morning Observations

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. - Mark 1:35

Getting up very early in the morning is really nothing new for me. You would think that by now, with my kids sleeping in the way they do, that I would value this opportunity to sleep in since I'd been up countless mornings when my kids were babies! However, I love the morning because there are just so many amazing things about it that I just don't experience later in the day. 

The sunrise! I love watching the sun's first rays over the trees across our pond. It is just an incredible sight, and this picture really does no justice.

Quiet time with the Lord. I go right to my favorite reading spot to pray, read and enjoy my morning cup of coffee. I just received my Parallel Bible which I love! I still read from my Daily Bible, but I love my new NIV/The Message Bible and find myself spending time in the Gospels in the morning. 

This weekend I finished reading "Heaven is for Real" - I loved this book, and even my husband who is not a big reader is really enjoying it. It was a humbling read, reminding me of that childlike faith that draws us to the arms of our Father! 

A dear friend loaned me "Falling in love with Jesus" by Kathy Troccoli and Dee Brestin, my next read :) I read "Colors of His Love" as a new believer, and it was one of those books that really opened my eyes and heart to having a loving relationship with God, and showed me how great and colorful His love is! Even as a new believer I struggled a spiritual battle - one of religion vs relationship. I encountered too many "rules" like I have to read this translation of the Bible, or I can't listen to this kind of Christian music, or I have to attend this church - things that were making me question if being a Christian was even for me! All I really wanted was to know God, to know my Father, and to jump into His arms. I will just say from my very own testimony, Colors of His Love alongside with CONSTANT prayer, helped me to break from those questions, opening my eyes, lifting my gaze upwards, and wrapping my arms around the Lord's neck like a child. I recommend Kathy and Dee's books to any woman who might be struggling with the same battle, although I really believe in my heart that God put this book in front of me at the right time; my friend was the perfect conduit. It was a freeing feeling to explore and embrace the love of Christ, and to finally be apart of that Love.  

I simply take in the morning; its sights and sounds. This morning I watched this robin hopping around the yard :)

My time to prep meals, like breakfast. This morning I made Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes. No, I did not eat this whole stack myself, although I was tempted. I'm actually freezing most of them to have throughout the week. I chopped some fresh strawberries so the kids can top them on their pancakes this morning :)