Apr 30, 2011

Plant Happy

I do not have a green thumb by any means. But, I am giving an honest effort this year to start a garden. So far, I've gotten some of my seedlings started. I'm running a little behind than most people, but hey, that's me! 

Correction: Gavin and Haley have gotten some seedlings started.

I do love watering, putting them in the sun and taking care of them. I don't sing to my plants...or they will surely die. 

What the kids have started: Marigolds, Shasta daisies, peppermint, peppers, some flower mix I got in an easter egg. 
What was given to me: The big plant, I adopted this from my sister. The chives are from my step mom - thanks mom :) and the yellow flowers are from Gavin. Not sure where he found these, but a BIG apology to our neighbors if he happened to wander into your yard. 


Did I mention I'm not a planner either? Something else I'm working on. So, the "plan" is to put together some raised beds, and start a garden that way. From what I know, most people use railroad ties, but my awesome lineman of a husband brought me home crossarms from work instead :)

Here is  Adam retrieving the crossarms for me
...Just kidding. That really is him, but it's an old pic.

So now I just need to get the beds ready, and transfer my seedlings when they're ready

Remember the pine cone bird feeders the kids made? My husband said he saw a squirrel hanging upside down from one of them, having himself a feast the other day. And here's what's left of our bird feeders:


  1. That's funny about the bird feeders. I really hope the garden goes well. I think it takes a lot of time and motivation. (both of which I convince myself I do not have). I know I am the keeper of the home, but Brandon has such a LOVE for gardening. I have been blessed!
    Love reading all your posts, keep em coming!

  2. I have been so busy with work I haven't had time to check your blog. But i just updated myself and I'm loving it! You are doing so great with the homeschooling! Gosh, someday I'm going to fly my kids to you for a week or two so they can get some good teaching ;) I am so happy to see that you and Adam are doing well! I miss him SO much and I wish so badly that I could meet you and the kids in person! I absolutely adored the post about Gavin understanding Jesus dying for us. What a sweetie, I cried when I read it.
    Much love, Hannah