Sep 7, 2011

Homemaking finds

I love finding things for the home and all things homemaking-related. I especially love when I find GREAT deals! 

CVS is having a great sale this week for Ajax dish detergent - 89 cents for a 16oz bottle (limit of 5 to purchase)! And now that I am putting together my own foaming dish soap, this is going to last a long while!

I always walk out of Salvation Army with something - especially on Wednesdays when just about everything is 50% off. I found this old solid bread box for a little over $1. I am going to repaint it and give her a revamp!

I found this cute little liquid potpourri crock pot for $2. It has a cute winter country scenery on it. I can't wait to fill it with pumpkin and cinnamon apple scents!

I LOVE this vintage looking fabric! It is actually a queen size flat sheet but I have lots of things in mind for this now that I am getting brave with my sewing machine. I found this for $2 at Salvation Army! 

Just a side note, I only buy things from thrift stores (or just about anywhere for that matter) if I REALLY like it (or could really put it to use like the dish soap)! Otherwise, I'd be seeking out just about every great deal! Most everything in my home is special to me, but I'll share more about that on another post!


  1. All your finds look amazing! I am still in awe of everything you do/have time for. You are encouraging me to do better and spend my time wiser. Do you think maybe you could post a daily schedule as to what you do every day? I think it is neat to see how other SAHM work and to glean ideas off of them. Thanks!

  2. Hi Kristen!
    Your comment was such a blessing to me, and I'm humbled that God is giving me an opportunity to inspire others. I would love to share a post of what our typical day looks like - something I'll be working on for next week! I love sharing our lives on here, to be honest, encourage others, and of course our testimony of God's work because He is very real and is present in even what seems like the most mundane moments of homemaking. I am not a perfect mother/wife/homemaker, but I have a passion for the home and am challenged every day to find ways to glorify the Lord. If it wasn't for God I would not find any joy in homemaking, but I love it and will definitely share more soon. Thank you again and God bless!!!