Nov 25, 2011

All that you do

I have a small book that sits on a small table by our fireplace called Amish Proverbs. I've always been fascinated by the simple life, and these short sayings for practical living, faith building and even a laugh often accompany my morning coffee.

My recent favorite is this:
"All that you do, do with your might. Things done by halves are never done right."

It is an echo of Colossians 3:23. And for me, a convicting reminder for a gal who is guilty of trying to do too many things at once and often searching for that feeling of fulfillment. I definitely have those days when I wonder if I even accomplished anything; and the self-destructive feelings start creeping on. 

Thank God for His penetrating Word of TRUTH, right?

This simple proverb interchangeably lingers in my head with Colossians 3:23, reminding me once again of my eternal home, of the Kingdom I am building. I'm reminded of how the Lord has given me building tools and a blueprint right here in my home.

When I am folding, yes, another load of hands are putting away the linens God has blessed us with. Especially in the colder months.

When I am picking out pieces of playdough from the carpet...I'm reminded of how short this season of playdough picking really is, especially as I look at my firstborn who is no longer a baby; no longer 5 weeks old, or 5 months old, but 5 years old.

When I am vacuuming...I think of my hard working husband who works 10+ hours per day outdoors in dirt, snow, mud. How refreshing it must be for him to come home. 

Whether I am mopping the floor, flipping a pancake, even rocking my child - I am learning to do without rushing. It has been a challenge, to not think ahead to the next task. But being in the moment, that is where I am finding peace.