Nov 14, 2011

Leap Bridge

A couple nights ago I walked into the living room and found this set-up:

Gavin & Haley are always moving things around to make forts. So, I curiously asked if that's what they were building.

"Nope" said Gavin as he started climbing on a small end table.

"Ohhh its an obstacle course!" I replied.

"Not that either, Mama. It's Leap Bridge!"

So Gavin had Haley demonstrate to me how this obstacle course - I mean, "Leap Bridge" works. Talk about an imagination!

First, you have to put on your Leap Bridge boots. You can't particpate if you don't have these. Sadly, I was unqualified from the get-go. I could be a spectator, though.

As Gavin commentated, Haley demonstrated. "First, you have to climb onto this little table thing." (That would be our very un-sturdy end table.)

"Next, you have to jump onto the big wooden box." (hope chest)

"Now you have to climb over the stool and hop across the chairs."

"Ok now go onto the piggy stool."

"Now get on the rocking horse and rock three times. You have to count to three."

"Now for the best part, Mama. Now you have to go jump on the pillows! Leap like a frog! That's how I got the name."

And there you have it! The first official game of the unofficial Leap Bridge in Ellis family history.

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