Nov 12, 2011

Tea kick!

My kids have been on a major tea kick for the past week. Not that I am complaining or anything...

and lately they've been drinking it plain, no sweetener whatsoever. I'm smiling. 

Tea is a wonderful thing. It is:

- Rich in antioxidants 
- frugal (I purchase a box of tea every week, and they're nearly free with coupons)
- a hospitable beverage (I love sharing a cup with a friend who comes to visit)
- freshens your breath and contributes to a healthy mouth
- adored by Gavin & Haley 

Lately I've been a big coffee drinker. The colder months have me putting my coffee maker on automatic brew, which doesn't make getting out of my warm, cozy bed such a miserable event in the morning. 

The downside of coffee is:

- It is very acidic. Short term, it gets your digestive system on fast track. Long term, it can lead to serious digestive issues. 
- Can contribute to adrenal dysfunction, due to the high caffeine content's effect on your body's fight or flight response 

My kids have helped me get back to drinking tea, moderating my coffee intake. Lately I love blueberry flavor with a little bit of almond milk and raw sugar. It tastes like a Tootsie Pop :)

Our children can set healthy examples for us too. Isn't it one of the sweetest, humbling parts of life?
 "Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."
- Matthew 18:4

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  1. I use a sippy cup just like Haley's! Yes, I use a sippy cup ;) I can't believe they like it straight but, I'm not surprised, Uncle Mark likes his coffee black. It must be a family trait :)

    Love, Hannah