Dec 12, 2011

My Christmas List

This is my list to the Giver of life, Author of my salvation, and Reader of my heart. To the One who knows what is really best for me. 

1. To walk humbly with You, knowing that You are the Creator, and I am part of Your creation.
2. To be more soft spoken. Especially to my children.
3. To immediately pray to You when a simple "why?" arises. 
4. To have the desire to seek Your word.
5. To never be too busy for You.
6. To be a more submissive, gentle, and encouraging wife.
7. To praise You more.
8. To guard my heart from idols.
9. To let go and let You.
10. ____________ (read my heart here, Lord)

Sometimes I don't know what I want, but You do. Most of the time I think I know what I want, but I'm unsure of what is best for me. Here I am, Lord, and here is my messy, sinful, thirsty heart. Your will be done.