Jan 29, 2012

Five Sense Homemaking

Sight: Our daughter is running around in the nude for the fifth time today because she insists she has to be completely naked while peeing on the potty. Well, there is no dress code here.

Smell: Homemade chocolate chip cookies ready for dunking. I can already see the look on our son's face when he's in from sledding.

Taste: Hot chai tea with cream and a little bit of honey. I love the sound of the whistle from the tea kettle. Quiet time is near. Time in His word.

Hear: Praise and worship music playing the back ground. Laura Story and Chris Tomlin make dishes and laundry a tad more enjoyable.

Touch: Flower stems. My husband brought me home flowers last week "just because". I love that man.

I love home and everything that makes it.

I love using the senses God blessed me with.

Home makes sense this way.