Jul 26, 2012

Eek what a mess! (Kitchen-redo)

Hey y'all! So, my new kitchen has been cah-razy! We are still in the rental until *squeal* tomorrow...and then the moving begins. However, I'm a little antsy that my kitchen still looks like this:

(minus the lack of paint and trim around the windows- we do have paint on the walls now, praise the Lord, but this picture was taken earlier last week). Everything else still looks just like the photo!

Betcha can guess what I'm doing here...

Yep, so these girls are getting a paint job. Can't wait to show you how they all turn out!

Also on the list to do...clean farmer's sink and get that ugly rust spot out...fix or replace faucet because it keeps spraying everyone who turns it on...and install a water filtration system.

At some point the counter tops have gotta go. I've finally convinced the hubs that butcher block is the way to go. Thinking that may be a fall/winter project.

Alrighty, so soon I'll have some after shots. Just thought I'd update you on what a project I'm getting myself into! Thanks for stopping by :)

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